16 December 2008

Saved by the Tree, originally uploaded by StrudelMonkey.

there is something about travel that consumes me. the opportunity to see something new ... to experience a different culture ... to learn a few words of a strange language ... to feel a little uncomfortable and get lost ... the more i do these things, the more i need ... its really a vicious cycle of planning, traveling, going through travel hangover and then starting the whole process over again. experiencing somewhere new doesn't necessarily satisfy me, but rather gives me a temporary fix ... temporary relief but furthering the addiction

the next dose comes next week when we take 10 days to see Northern Vietnam and Western Cambodia ... i've read the guidebooks and prepped my camera ... its a sickness ... a bug ... unfortunately one i can't get covered by our health care plan ... trust me, we've tried

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vegasviaiowa said...

An addiction huh? I had an addiction on traveling once. I just had to get my fix and head to Perry, Iowa to watch the 99 cent movies. It was awesome. Hope Vietnam treated you well. Happy Holidays, ah the heck with it. Merry Christmas. Peace