13 July 2007

so we were given a package of Jellyfish today ... its a popular local food, so we were told we should try it ... what follows is the english language description on the package ... i have not altered it in any way......

The jiuxianfang instant jellyfish is precisely made with the traditionary craft and the advanced technique. Only we can keep the jellyfish's unique refreshing and crisp, and tender and smooth natural taste of11y! Our produ it's own successfuct contains indispensable trace elements, iodine, iron and calcium to human being. It is eatable directly, and it is highgrade health care in the cafe or in the family meal.

04 July 2007

there is a whole new area next to our apartment building that is going to house restaurants, retail, etc ... first store just put its sign up ... looks to be called 'ma' ... look 'ma' up in the chinese dictionary and it can mean one of several things depending on the tone you pronounce it in ... could mean 'mother', 'horse', 'scold' or 'marijuana' ... wondering what kind of store this is gonna be ... i'll be sure to let you know

happy 4th everyone!

03 July 2007

traveled to Beijing for the first time over the weekend ... meetings on Saturday while Harmony explored town ... had time to walk the Great Wall on Sunday ... it was .... er ... great! weather was sunny & 90 ... lots of steps ... amazing views ... centuries of history.

lunch today was an experience ... started off with eel and moved to turtle soup ... there were literally chunks of turtle in my bowl ... i kid you not ... fished out an entire turtle leg complete with little turtle claws.