26 April 2009

Shanghai Sound Board

Sound Board, originally uploaded by StrudelMonkey.

Shanghai's music scene leaves a lot to be desired. Admittedly, there are a few great jazz clubs in town, but my hunger for great, live indie-rock has gone unfed during my two years here. Every few months the authorities will 'allow' a big-name music act to play a show here, though its usually nothing to get excited about. And then Bjork comes to town and screams about a certain province in west China, which pretty much guarantees that we won't get any music-of-interest any time soon.

A friend of mine in town just got turned on to a internet radio station that streams music from local bands. He passed on one of the bands he came across that actually sounded ... good. They are from Beijing but were coming to Shanghai to launch their first album, so we (and our wives) agreed to meet for the show.

A bill of five bands took part in the show at Zhijiang Dream Factory, a medium-sized club in the Jing An district. Not all the bands 'did it' for me, but it was great to take in a live show for the first time in a while. Our newly-found band, 'Gar', came on last, following sets by local Shanghai groups and got a mixed reception from the Shanghai crowd as they ripped through a loud set. Its been a while since I went to bed with ringing in my ears...

24 Hours

The Rogue Transmission


24 Hours


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