11 April 2009


Smile, originally uploaded by StrudelMonkey.

With brighter mornings, warmer weather and longer afternoons, the city is finally springing to life after a long winter. Walking through Fuxing Park over the weekend, I found it full of families flying kites, kids fishing for goldfish and couples dancing to country western music being blasted out of a boom box.

Not surprisingly, the people I come across share a smile much quicker now than during the cold months. A "nong hao" shared with one older women turned into an exchange where she wanted me to hold her lap dog. nice. Wandering down a small lane in the Old Town, a woman quickly rushed inside her house to bring her son outside for a photo with me. My complementing his English brought a huge smile to her face.

Just as spring follows winter, there is certain to be growth & prosperity to come after this long recession ... and that will bring a smile to all of our faces


Cate said...

This is a classy shot. Natural and the teeth! They make up her whole smile.

Ben and Tara said...

I love looking at your pictures! Besides the fact that your photos are always awesome, there is usually something interesting or unusual about them as well, like this photo.

And what a great experience to have with the local culture. It definitely beats getting yelled at by the german locals for not driving fast enough.