28 March 2009


The excitment of the NCAA Tournament just isn't the same when you can't watch the actual game. Instead, I find myself watching the numbers change on the computer screen every time the screen refreshes in 30 second intervals.

At least they make helpful descriptions of the way in which the score changed ... i.e., "Jones dunks the ball". An exclamation point would have been nice, though. "Jones dunks the ball" conjures up an image of a nice, gentlemanly throw down ... like what Barry Sanders would have done if he played basketball. Exciting but anti-climatic. Now ... "Jones dunks the ball!" allows me to picture a huge, from-the-free-throw-line jam ... breaking the backboard, covering the cheering crowd in shards of glass

Anyway. It was all working well until this point ... at the end of the game ... with the score tied ... and the internet froze. I mean ... the internet froze! Madness indeed
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