02 April 2006

yesterday was the annual German-American Women's Club Flohmarkt (flea market) and bake sale. Harmony was in the kitchen for two days getting things ready. i was asked to help out -- and due to my years of experience -- was put in charge of clearing tables. it was a great time and for a great cause. last year, the group brought in 25,000 Euro at the event. hoping for that or better this year. hundreds of people came through, bought old clothing, books and other donated items. i have to say the food area was the most popular of them all. the women did a amazing job of making cakes, pies, cookies, etc...it was quite a spread! here is a pic of one of the cheesecakes Harm whipped up...it was hard to part with...


they also raised money through a big raffle --- dozens of prizes were donated by the club and local businesses. Harm and i took home bottles of schnapps and riesling ... a little something to numb the pain of running the kitchen for 8 hours! it was a great day ... felt good to be giving back to the area that we have enjoyed so much. I got a chance to practice my german and also got to meet a lot of the women that Harm knows through the club. we both look forward to helping out next year! hope everyone is well....later....t


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